Wicked Bestsellers Pack {4 Disc Set} Wicked Bestsellers Pack {4 Disc Set}

Wicked Bestsellers Pack {4 Disc Set}

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Subject to change without notice This exceptional collection of Wicked Pictures` best selling titles contains some of the most award nominated titles in the companys history. With a combined 50 award nominations, these three movies are must-haves! Also includes What Excites You Sampler.Operation Desert Stormy27 award nominations and 10 wins to its credit, including the prestigious Viewers Choice Award and Best Sex Comedy, this Wicked Pictures blockbuster has it all! Action... Romance... Drama... Suspense... and even a little bit of comedy! Okay, a whole lot of comedy! Join award winning writer/director Stormy Daniels as she leads you on the wildest and most hilarious adventure in the history of adult cinema.Coming HomeAn unforgettable 3-hour epic ripped from todays headlines, Coming Home is extraordinary moviemaking. With 22 award nominations, including Best Feature, this best selling title combines scorching sex and intense drama. Multi-award winning writer/director Brad Armstrong brings together an all-star cast and brilliant performances to create an unforgettable and erotic experience.Mobsters BallMob hits, bank robbers, the Cotton Club... These are just a few of the things that say 1930s. Nominated for Best Vignette Release, award winning director Brad Armstrong gives us a tantalizing, sensual and erotic glimpse of this time gone by. With sales continuing to rise, its time for you to take a trip down memory lane with this all-star cast and get off like never before!

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